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©2013 Dear Little Lucy by Mahieu Spaid

©2013 Dear Little Lucy by Mahieu Spaid

Dear Little Lucy by Mahieu Spaid is in the works this winter.   The advice column for animals is going into the market as an ebook.  All kinds of pets, domestic and wild, wrote into Lucy for advice.  She will soon share them with all her furry fans and their owners!  Keep Reading for updates!


King of Wild Island

King of Wild Island


© 2013 Illustrations and text by Mahieu Spaid

2013 First Edition is now available!  Just in time for the booking signing on April 27th!

Mahieu invites you to join her in reading about the adventures of one extraordinary kitten, named Lucy, and an elephant seal, named King Bryan.  Follow their adventures with the King of Wild Island.  See how a tiny, little kitten and a giant elephant seal came together to make a great pair!



A new series is in the works for a dancing ballerina and her friends.  Willa Wellington stopped by the studio this week to tell Lucy and Bryan all about her life as ballerina with her rhinoceros family.  She told them to never give on on their dreams even it seems impossible!  A rhinoceros is not supposed to dream of ballet or dancing but nothing could stop Willa!  Join Lucy and Bryan as they meet all kinds of new friends on King Bryan’s Island.  Willa said she’s coming to their show this Saturday to show her support!

Willa Wellington


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