After you hit the print button –

I can tell you the work just begins as soon as you hit the approval button on a new piece of work that’s going into print.  Yikes!  I have events all weekend but I love it!  If any of you decide to use self-publish, then remember to look at the fine print in their information.  Spend time going over their process and reading reviews from other authors who have used their services.  I inquired into Create Space, which is associated with Amazon, and is love/hate for some authors.  I have to admit it’s an option to consider for those thinking about doing an e-book.  Expect differences for those who decided to get the print version to smell the fresh binding of their new book.  I learned I have to reformat my entire book if I want to create a second edition as an e-book.  This process will completely change the look of my first edition.  I also learned, like so many others who used a print-on-demand service that when you choose to buy (yes, buy) their distribution/marketing services it can take a while for them to get your copy into their online store – Lulu is this you?  Mine took a few months to show up in the listings of other big distributors.  Be patient and use the extra time to start looking for events or local book stores to have events.

There are businesses and book stores that would love to have your business as much as you would like to sell your freshly printed copies.  Join your illustrator if you know them at events!  I joined forces with some people I knew and created a new group when I couldn’t find one fit what I needed.  I made sure our group included a variety of artists, authors, photographers, musicians, and jewelry artists so we could travel together and help each other out.  Sending a few books with your friend to a show that has nothing to do with publishing wouldn’t hurt you!  Be as creative as you were when it comes to sharing your new piece of work as you were when you were typing away at your computer screen!  Finally,  for those of you out there who are too busy – get going on updating or creating your websites and social media.  You would be surprised who you can meet there.  Any smart business person of a bookstore or business should be actively seeking out people like you through google, Facebook, etc.  Small business want a boost just as much as you do.  Pick-up your phone or sending an email doesn’t hurt either.  Take a tip from the business world and start selling your work!  Get going and maybe we’ll see each other out there.  We recognize each other out there and we know the nod of those who decided to remove their manuscripts from the mountains stacked inside the publishing world that may never see daylight.  At least, I can touch my copy and see it on the Amazon (Yes, it finally made to sale) instead of wondering where it might be buried.  Do you ever wonder which pile they put you in?  That’s a conversation for later 🙂

-Mahieu Spaid

Author, artist, and illustrator

Mahieu Studios

Member of KAAt (Korean Adopted Artists Together)




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