My first book reading!

I have to admit something.  I don’t mind the networking but I hate the promotion side of business.  Yet, both will need to be done to share and sell your book to complete strangers.  When it comes time for an event I put on my smile and remind myself of why I’m there.  I didn’t come all this way to hide in a corner at an event or send off my smiling double to make my public appearances.  Not all artists and writers have to be introverts all of the time.  Talking about my work or myself feels awkward.   Selling?  What is that?  We can actually make some money while we dream about being on the best seller list?  I think back on my determination to finish my work and get it published.  I put my work out there for others to see and didn’t plan on stopping.  People reading a book like to know the authors and why they decided to write a book.  I will be honest.  There are ups and downs when it comes to events and sales.  Some events will have tons of attendance, while others will be so silent you can hear a pin drop on the floor.  You will soon become grateful for any noise even if they don’t stop at your table for a signature or questions on your book.  Some will only look.  I also learned the lesson of booking too many events close together.  I had to smile about it.  Mom and dad can only buy so many books 🙂  Ahh my biggest fans.  I think about my first book reading and how nervous I was.  I had no idea if anyone would even show up, and not many came but  I didn’t mind.  I was nervous.  It was my first book reading.  I also had no idea what I was doing.  I had been to other readings and events but it’s different when you’re the one facing the audience.  Luckily, the small group of little ears that listened that day didn’t seem to notice.  All those feelings and fears melted away as I stared at their smiles and answered their questions.  I even managed to engage my audience by asking what they thought from time to time.  I read their body language and remembered that children may not have the attention span of some adults.  When the reading was over I asked them who their favorite characters were and slipped in a few questions to see if they remembered anything in my book.  To my surprise they did!  They remembered cute characters on my book cover!  Miracles are possible!  Their father’s eyes warmed when he learned I was the author of the book and not some librarian.  He loved hearing about the story and had me sign the book.  His smile and meeting his children defeating any fears of reading to an audience.  The responses of those who ask for a signed copy and buy your book will far outweigh those who only look.  So, get your work finished and put it out there already!  – Mahieu


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