Lucy and her Pink Typewriter!

Thinking new ideas!
Thinking of new ideas!


Lucy was inspired by her fellow cat poets.  She put on her pink beret and sat her new typewriter.  She wants to jump into the typing pool and create poetry of her own.  Help her along with comments and likes so the pages don’t stare at her with blank looks in their eyes.    – Lucy  inside Mahieu Studios


Self-Publishing: A Wonderful Phenomenom

Self-Publishing: A Wonderful Phenomenom.


Hi there!  Quick link/tip of the week.  Take a look at this article on self-publishing.  There are also helpful tips on this wordpress site.   They have everything from Publishing World News, Book Reviews, and more tips.


Quirky and Funny Inspiration from our pets: Thinking outside the box


I found this book at my last book reading at Boneshaker Books in Minneapolis, MN and I had to share with everybody.  I hadn’t laughed like that in a good while.  This pocket size book by Francesco Marciuliano was filled with poetry by cats.  Perfect for an author who writes about animals on imaginary islands.  Talk about getting into character.  Imagine a cat at a type writer filling a blank page with their jealousies, joys, and mischief.  For those of you struggling to get published maybe it’s time to think outside the box and break from traditional characters.  Picture your best friend or your best foe.  Are they an animal?   I don’t know if my find was an inspiration or depressing but somehow cats managed to get published?  A publisher would love my cat more than me?  Maybe we should all pretend to be our pets for a day, then we would have a publishing contract 🙂   – Mahieu

Here’s the link about the book for those interested: