The Art of Patience

The waiting game once you finished your book can test your patience. The rush of turning that “some day I’m going to write a book” is still pumping through your veins once you hit the final approval button with your publisher. All kinds of thoughts float through your mind. You dream of the best seller list but what if you don’t have the power of big publishers promoting your work? You realize the work has just begun. Writers who are entering the self-publishing world or online publishing I would recommend taking a look at their publishing packages. Yes, it can feel like they are trying to suck out every dollar left in your wallet but it can be worth it. As an artist and an author, I don’t have extra time to spare. It can take hours or days to upload my own work onto the online market or transfer everything into an ebook. So, I researched my options and paid a few extra dollars to have the self-publishing company do everything for me. I will warn you. All of this took time. It took 3-6 months to see my book on Barnes and and on Amazon. What I make as author changes dramatically by being on those other sites but it’s better than leaving my book on the shelf and hoping someone will take a look at it. After all my events and experiences, I realize no one else is going to put my book in the hands of the readers. Attending and booking live events have turned out the best results but being able to direct people to a site where they already have an account and login can have positive results. Some people in my family, who shall remain nameless are computer challenged, yet I discover they found a way to open an amazon account or download ebooks. Some people may be interested in your book but they may not want to open another account a new site. It’s best to make access to your award worthy novel easy for them. Is my work at the number one spot yet? No, but at least my talking about writing a novel and having it in stores has come true. Hey, it’s an accomplishment for someone who’s always had a pile of manuscripts tucked away in a corner. One of them was finally made it out of my own pile. ~ Mahieu


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Finding Inspiration


      Summer is a great time to find inspiration.  Here in Minneapolis it’s time to pack up the notebook or laptop and head out for the day.  The sun doesn’t last too long up North, so go soak up the rays with your picnic basket.  If you’re experiencing writer’s block, sit down at a park or lake and start rambling all over those blank pages.  Let the words flow outside the lines. You might be surprised at what stories you can find staring at an ant hill that is carrying your bread crumbs into their underground tunnels.  Write a short story about ants and the missing corner of your sandwich.  Watch the bikers and runners pass by while you think of some new material.  Snap a few pictures for later.  Some of my best characters came from watching the nature around me.  Some of the people I know or strangers took on the personalities of animals.  Imagine a bunch of rabbits running past you on the path or an elephant on a bicycle while you finish off your lemonade.  Your story might be in the squirrel waiting behind the tree.  Sometimes a change of location can do your mind some good.  See you around the lakes of Minnesota!