Finding Inspiration


      Summer is a great time to find inspiration.  Here in Minneapolis it’s time to pack up the notebook or laptop and head out for the day.  The sun doesn’t last too long up North, so go soak up the rays with your picnic basket.  If you’re experiencing writer’s block, sit down at a park or lake and start rambling all over those blank pages.  Let the words flow outside the lines. You might be surprised at what stories you can find staring at an ant hill that is carrying your bread crumbs into their underground tunnels.  Write a short story about ants and the missing corner of your sandwich.  Watch the bikers and runners pass by while you think of some new material.  Snap a few pictures for later.  Some of my best characters came from watching the nature around me.  Some of the people I know or strangers took on the personalities of animals.  Imagine a bunch of rabbits running past you on the path or an elephant on a bicycle while you finish off your lemonade.  Your story might be in the squirrel waiting behind the tree.  Sometimes a change of location can do your mind some good.  See you around the lakes of Minnesota!



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