Trying Something New for 30 Days

I just wanted to share some thoughts from another source. Sometimes a five minute speaker can you new ideas. I recently watched an episode do TedTalks and they had guest speaker, Matt Cutter on the show. In about five minutes he shared his experiences that changed his life. He decided to try something new for 30 days at a time. In one of those 30 day trials he wrote a book. Of course, he said it still needed work but the point was that he actually achieved something he never thought he would do. Try explaining the 30 day book to someone whose been working on their novel for a few years. Is there something holding us back or are we really that busy? Think about it. Test out his 30 day experiment with your writing. Perhaps you could try writing in a new genre or style for 30 days to break your daily grind. For writers, I would also recommend another 30 days of editing. The point is to make the changes you need and 30 days might form a useful habit for your writing. Let me know if you decide to try the 30 day experiment. My first children’s book was finished using this same principle. It took 30 days of writing and illustrating, and another 30 for editing. The final process of publishing and reviewing the copy probably took close to another month but it was finally finished. I know changing something in your life for 30 days works. Hope you give it a try.

~ Mahieu


3 thoughts on “Trying Something New for 30 Days

  1. Hard to imagine writing a novel in just a month. I would have had to write 5,000 words a day to finish my novel.
    The Tome of Worlds took just under a year to write. For the next one I want it done in under 9 months. My goal is to get each successive novel done in under six months, but with the editing process I don’t know how I’m going to manage my time.

    • Yes, the words per day would have to be around 6,000 a day to have a rough draft in 30 days. I just sat through to many classes and groups where the manuscript never finished. In all honesty, our work will never be finished. There’s always something we could edit. So, get it done already! By the way, I’m a fan of your blog. I love the other world stories and thoughts on time travel. Sometimes I feel like the time travelers wife. Can ‘t wait to read the finished copy. I started another manuscript that takes place in another world as an exercise. Believe it or not that one was easier to write. It’s an interesting experience to make up a new language. Who knew the mind could do such things. I’ll try to find you on twitter.


    • My editing process took as much time as my first draft. I had several people look at it. Take their comments in stride. We know to change the obvious grammar and spelling errors but be strong with your storyline. I found some people wanted to change the story to their own taste and style of what they would write. I keep stalling on one manuscript for the past 2 years. Time management is hard to manage. I have to set unrealistic goals to get my work done. Keep me updated.

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