Ideas for Summer – the traveling shows!

Summer is a great time to take your pile of books or self-published works on tour.  There are several events going on around my home city of Minneapolis.  I’m sure there are plenty going on around your area.  I find some of the upcoming shows through my local newspapers and some indie org. sites.  It only takes a few minutes filling out applications or sending an email off to the site organizer to join.  I also share a table with other artists especially if I’m at a craft or art event.  You can use this opportunity to promote your illustrator and yourself.  I will tell you to have some kind of resume/portfolio information ready to submit if they ask.  Most events require bio information 1 paragraph about yourself, pictures of your work (book covers), a description of your book, and what you plan to do at the event.  Creating a resume for yourself as a writer in advance for book readings and events would save you time.  Also, let them know if you’ve had other events.  List them on your website.  Post your events on your website so people in the industry can find you.  There will be slow times in selling your own work, so use the down time wisely.


Where will Adventures of Lucy and Bryan: King of Wild Island be next?  See our events page.

August 30th- Sept 1st

Meta Con 2013 at the Hyatt Regency

(Anime, comics, gaming, and more)

Downtown Minneapolis

See for links


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