Summer Blue?

The end of summer is approaching and school season is about to begin.  I found myself having the summer blues after a few uneventful weekends.  Where does our focus go sometimes?  To get out dull city I decided to break out of my normal genre and attend a new show.  I attended a comic book festival in my downtown area.  Attending Autoptic was a refreshing experience.  Being around other artists and writers re-energized my mind.  I had a front row view of table displays and books. Many of the comic and cartoonists and created their own books.  They combine a traditional story telling with visual imagery.  The images and words help the reader free and feel the emotional content.  How can this help you as writer?  Draw out the scenes in your head and create a story board to keep your thoughts on track.  The storyline might flow better and the details of your written imagery may improve even if you have to draw stick figures, or cut out pictures from magazines.   A new method of outlining may get you out of the summer blues.  Seeing and meeting other people who aren’t afraid to put their work out there can lift the spirits too!  See you at the next show!   – MahieuImage


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