Pajama Day with Hollywood!

This week I would like to hear back from all of you. If you could meet anybody, who would it be? What if you met them in their pajamas? I had to ask. Imagine waiting for the elevator one morning on the last day of a convention and around the corners enters a Hollywood celebrity. To top things off their hair is ruffled because they just rolled out of bed and they are walking past you their striped pajamas. Well, it happened to me at my last show. I was just telling someone how I wanted to meet Eric Roberts at one of the speaker’s panels but I had to sit at my table with the other dedicated authors and artists all weekend. He was there to speak about The Dark Knight movie and I was’t going to be able to see him. Boy did I get a super surprise that morning! I caught him walking down the hallway half awake in his t-shirt and blue-striped PJ’s. All my nerd self could blurt out was, “You’re Eric Roberts!” His gentlemanly southern voice answered, “That’s right.” At least my nerd self didn’t chase him down the hallway for an autograph. No, the dedicated writer and artist in me thought about for a second, and then worried about being late to my table. Business and work as usual. Oh well, maybe I’ll chase down the next celebrity I meet but only if they’re in their PJs. So, I’ll ask again. Who would you like to meet and what would you do if they were in their pajamas? Send me you thoughts!



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