Our Traveling Studio: Finding your show & staying productive

Over the summer I had the opportunity to join other shows and bring my characters with me. Our studio traveled to outdoor festivals for art, music, and literature. Sometimes I was the guest and sometimes was the audience. I learned events for artists and authors can ebb and flow just like a growing business. Yes, you need passion but long term patience is key for a new author, especially when you choose a non- traditional route. You will experience the same ups and downs of any craft or business. Most of us aren’t going to wake up in the number one spot overnight. It takes time to build an audience, so keep going. Attend different events this fall and see what you can take away from the experience. Some shows, book readings, etc. are better for networking and asking questions. Other shows are great or hauling in our stacks of books. Maximize your time and figure out which shows, workshops, and events would be best for you. Plan and pay to attend those classes and events to keel yourself motivated during the year. In other words keep your pen up or fingers moving across the keyboard. A writer needs to sharpen their mind just like the end of a pencil. – Mahieu


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