Follow A Lead Down a New Path with Comics and Graphic Novels

A few years ago, I never thought I would be thinking about writing content for a comic series or graphic novel. In the past, I always thought of my artwork and writing as two separate entities. Since most publishers insist on using their illustrator for the cover or inside pages, I never gave it another thought. Then, I started joining different groups and going to local book festivals and art shows. I learned something. For those who love and appreciate comics and graphic novels a whole new world can open up. Those creators are always looking for writers who can pull together a good plot. They look for writers who love their industry and who can string together a story using a few lines at a time. You would be amazed at how much editing can go into a few lines, especially when they hold so much meaning and you have to get to the point in a few sentences. Try this with your own work. This may add expression and meaning to your dialogues. Focusing the point of what you want to say to your audience when you only have a few conversation bubbles could improve your own skills. It forces you to stop the rambling in your head and get to the heart of what your characters should be saying. So as you sit and stare at your blank screen or blank page do what they do in the comic and graphic novel world, draw out your storyboard. Break your writers block by visualizing the story to get your mind moving. Draw your conversation bubbles and stick them on the wall in front of you. Most of all, keep your mind open when your at social events or browsing images. The art world does have a place for writers and storytellers.



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