I need a vacation – a writer’s and artist retreat!


I was just browsing online for information about artists and writers when I came across these beautiful landscapes in Ireland.  I don’t know who took them I immediately thought, “I need a vacation”.  Sometimes we get lost in our own studios and forget about the scenery around us.  Show deadlines and goals we set for ourselves can put pressure on our creative process.  As I try to create new pieces as an artist, I forget about the beautiful landscapes just around the corner.  It’s easy to get lost in our deadlines and bury ourselves in work but I think it’s time to take a look around and breathe.  I don’t know about you but it’s hard to keep my mind off the goals I set for myself.  Often, I get lost in my fictional world and characters that I find it hard to break away from them.  Then, when I do look up I find scenery like the above landscapes.  So, take a look around you and create a short story about what you see in your backyard or during your morning run.  Build the stories in your life as you would create a new or imaginary landscape.  Let it ink run off the page so that you are building your life the same way.  Then your life will be filled with inspiration instead of thoughts of escape.  (Sometimes, we just need a reminder).

For those still dreaming about getting away take a look a writer’s or artists retreat.  This way you can get the time away you need and still accomplish some work at the same time.   I know I’ll keep thinking about the pictures of Anam Cara, Ireland as I work into the night.  Where did the fairy godmother go now?  I’ll be dreaming of going to the Anam Cara writer’s and artist retreat at http://anamcararetreat.com.   Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  If Ireland doesn’t call to you, search online for the place that will give you the quiet you need.



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