Children’s Book Resources For Kindle

If you’re considering writing a children’s book, then remember to include quality illustrations. Today, a large part of the market includes tablets and ignoring this group may cut off part of your audience. For those who self publish, don’t come up short when it comes to your formatting and visuals. Why spend months and years sweating over every line of your novel only to cheat yourself on a quality cover or illustrations? When it comes to tablet owners or those with short attention spans your book may be judged by it’s cover. This is key for children genres. I witnessed it first hand at book readings and events. They all want to look at the pictures and then hear the story. The visuals also help engage your audience. I use my illustrations to ask if they understand the story or if they can explain what it’s about. This way I know if they connecting to plot. Make your work stand out with quality of writing and artwork. I know I pause when I see an interesting book cover online. I know some of the publishers have a friend/foe view with online giants but here is one example of a popular illustrated children’s book publisher online Their children’s books have tons of positive reviews on Amazon and they give formatting help with the Kindle KDP for ebooks.

– Mahieu

Link to ebook for kindle reference:


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