Dear Little Lucy – true frienship

Dear reader,

This week I decided not to give advice but share an old story retold. Recently, a frustrated Mr. Hare wrote to me because of a story time visit at his child’s school. Someone read the story of the “Tortoise and the Hare” and couldn’t believe his long furry ears. My how stories passed down from generation to generation change. He set the record straight and told how carrot energizer drink wasn’t enough. One sugar crash later he found himself tripping and falling on the running path. One of his long time rivals picked him up and became a true friend. He said there was no one else he would rather meet during the race. Some of his own fellow hare’s would have passed him to win the race but his life changed when a rival and stranger stopped. One hard shell turtle picked him up and strapped him to his back. He said this was true friendship. Let’s all think about this lesson today and forget about the numbers.


Little Lucy



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