Another artists and writers retreat: La Muse in France


Another artists and writers retreat:  La Muse

Looking to get away with a group of writers and artists?  I think I will make this a Friday topic for those sitting at their work desk.   Here is another place everybody may agree upon for a working vacation.  I found this place online when I was searching for a place to get away and finish some of my new work.  I’m already thinking of the winter blahs before the first snowfall in the upper Midwest.  I was looking for locations that would inspire my creative mind when I came across La Muse in the river valley of France.  They are open all year and this place is definitely an upgrade from a hostel.  It also looks like groups wanting to do a workshop can barter by applying to do a fellowship during their stay.  La Muse looks like a place with a better view that is tailored to inspire artists, writers and musicians.  Not only are you surrounded by like-minded people, you are in the French countryside.  Need I say more!  However, keep in mind this is meant for a place that takes in those seriously committed to their work.  There is an application process ( where you describe what you want to accomplish in 250 words, submit a resume, and you need to provide a 1 page sample of your work.  This process just proves that they are encouraging you to finish your next novel or painting.  So, the next time you plan out your vacations or create your wish list take a look at the places that will help you achieve your goal.  You can go on vacation and get work done at the same time.




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