Current News in the writer’s market – a bookless bookstore just opened in San Antonio, Texas

Hello Everybody –

I recently came across an article in the news about a new book store that opened on September 14th, in San Antonio, Texas and had to share.  It’s good to stay informed of all the changes taking place in the market for writers, and this is one big change for those thinking about publishing.  The future look of our beloved book stores may not carry any books in the future.  Yes, you read it correctly.  This book store, Biblio Tech, only carries ebooks for purchase. They took the concept of Amazon and created a retail end store.  How many of us would have guessed the market would end up in this direction?  Will this be the future Barnes and Noble?  We go to a store to get the same old feeling of entering an real store only to purchase a download?  This might be great news for those in the ebook market.  It’s something to consider for those still publishing in traditional format.  Keep this store in mind – this may give new life to those of you already published.  You can recreate your print version in ebook form.  It may end up in the download library of this new store.   You can decide how you feel about idea by reading the article yourself (click on the link below).  Let me know how you feel about this change by leaving a comment or if you have any other market changing news to the writing world.


Biblio Tech store link:


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