Dear Little Lucy – The Quiet Cricket

Dear Little Lucy,

I don’t know if you can help me but lately the music has gone quiet in my world.  I’m a cricket and I’m supposed to hum songs into the night.  Rain or shine I play my songs.  Lately, when I look up at the stars I can’t find my inspiration.  I thought a cat with knack for writing would be able to help me.  I used to find joy in playing my songs.  I used to play whether anyone was listening or not.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  Am I going through a mid-cricket crisis?


The Quiet Cricket


Dear Quiet Cricket,

I admit I haven’t met many crickets but I think I can help.  All creative people tend to have bursts of creativity followed by time for recovery.  I see it happen with the humans in our studio.  They make, make, make and then sleep for a few days.  I think our brains just need a rest once in a while.  If you feel lack of inspiration, then think back to why you started playing in the first place.  If you still get nothing, then watch old Disney movies.  I think there’s one about a cricket.  Take time to look around you and open your eyes.  Hop onto a new blade of grass or into another garden and just listen.  Enjoy the quiet.  Recovery and quiet can keep us from becoming mechanical robots.  Practicing over and over again mechanically is far from inspirational, just as writing without feeling can create a flat piece.  Both be done by a computer program.  Stop and listen to the sounds of nature.  They can be quieter than you.  Ask yourself what sounds a blade of grass makes or how the stars would sound if they talked to you.  Think of the notes they make.  They can be like poetry if you listen hard.  Remember, it’s okay to question yourself once in a while and take time to relax.  I know said something about a robot but if all else fails keep playing even it feels mechanical.  You’re bound to reach another high note again.  This is a normal process we all go through.



Little Lucy


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