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Lucy is hiding from her friends in the studio!

Lucy is hiding from her friends in the studio!


Thank you for all your support.  Continue to follow our updates at our new blog at mahieustudios.com.


© 2013 Illustrations and text by Mahieu Spaid

Hi Everybody!

We have lots of new projects in the works for this winter.  Dear Little Lucy, an advice column for animals is being finished this year.  We are working on new ebooks to continue our children’s series.  We are also working on our own ebook publishing group called, Little Lucy Lovebugs Books.  As if you didn’t guess the name already.  As the creative director, I decided to let our cat take over the studio.  You thought your domestic pet was a challenge – try a fictional one!  Look for our link to the new site when some our new books are finished.    I hope you let me know how your own projects are going!  I’ll try to post my resources and research every week.  The learning process never ends here.

~ Mahieu

2013 First Edition is now available for purchase on lulu.com!   Just look under the title Adventures of Lucy and Bryan or click on the link.


Mahieu invites you to join her in reading about the adventures of one extraordinary kitten, named Lucy, and an elephant seal, named King Bryan.  Follow their adventures with the King of Wild Island.  See how a tiny, little kitten and a giant elephant seal came together to make a great pair!


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