Dear Little Lucy – a cat’s advice column

©2013 Dear Little Lucy by Mahieu Spaid

©2013 Dear Little Lucy by Mahieu Spaid

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Lucy had her first question sent in:
Dear Little Lucy,

Why does my owner spend so much time looking at those small devices instead of holding them to their ears like they used to do?

Here is her response:

Dear Small Devices,

I asked the same question once. Then I saw my owner taking pictures with one and posting my picture to youtube. I find it a strange human behavior but we are really popular on TV. So reat easy. It is used to make us animals famous. Just look at my friend Grumpy Cat.

Little Lucy

Lucy wanted to started her own advice column for her fellow animal friends. Imagine if Dear Abby was a cat. Look for her publications every week!

Send your pet’s questions to

Here is a teaser sketch of one of the characters that wrote to Lucy for advice



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