Reach the finish line and get into the race!

Today, I hit the play button to a random podcast for the sole purpose of having background noise. I had no intention of actively listening. It was just something to fill the white noise around my desk. Then, something caught my ear. I didn’t catch the man’s name but he said made me laugh. He spoke about a conversation with someone else giving him a hard time. This business writer said, “My ugly published book is still better than you unfinished one”. My last workshop touched on the same point. Many of us still stuck in the stalls hold back from the race because we keep getting spooked. We keep waiting for the perfect moment. We keep editing something that should have been done. We get distracted by the shiny objects around us.

There a time when we need to just take off running. Race or no race. Why did you start in the first place? Those only in it for the money and fame will most likely fall behind real writers or quit. Do you want to be the quitter? Don’t make your own end a tragic tale. Think of your message. Stop hitting the edit button in your mind, and just focus. Sometimes, the raw part of our work is better and closer to the truth in our writing than the over-edited version. Does this mean we stop and upload something into Amazon before we do any editing? No, this would be the wrong answer and poor quality for our audience. The point is take a look at raw writing of your work and understand what you are trying to tell your readers. It means you need to stop being afraid of being finished with your work. The only time you should put down your pen or stop moving those fingers is when the work is done. Never be a failed dieter in your own writing because you didn’t empty all the contents locked in your mind. Miss a day? So what! Pick it back up and get your job done as a writer. Or do you want to the one going to workshops 10 years later because you are still daydreaming about being a writer? Be the writer and finish something!

– Mahieu


The world of Self-publishing!


Ahh!  The world of self-publishing.  Take a look at this picture.  As authors and illustrators creativity is in our nature.  If you decide to walk into the world of self-publishing, then be prepared to handle the business side as well.  Little things like setting up your tables and planning events to promote your work must be done.  Stay goal oriented and enjoy the first breath after going days with sleep to finish your own novel.  Setting deadlines fall on your shoulders. I must have lost my mind because I finished my first illustrated children’s book in one month.  A second of month of editing at all hours of the night completed the my project.  Why would I stay up until 2:00 in the morning after a full day’s work and try to cram everything the shortest amount of time possible?  I have no idea 🙂  Just kidding.  Call it the burning desire all writers feel to see their words in print.  I also know the other side of myself – called procrastination.  How do I beat it?  I set unattainable goals and then spend every hour I’m supposed to be sleeping obsessing over it.  So, be prepared!  Your work doesn’t end once you receive your printed copy.  It’s just begun unless you want to see it sit on the shelf with all the other books that go unnoticed.   – Mahieu